Lens implant choices

When cataract surgery or lens exchange is carried out we are able to offer a full range of lens implants from single vision (monofocal), astigmatism correcting (toric) and multifocal lenses. We use the latest advanced tests and lenses with an established track record and have high success and satisfaction rates. Our lenses are mostly from Alcon, Zeiss and Oculentis and we use other lenses as required according to patients suitability and choice.

  • Monofocal Lens Implants

    Monofocal lens implants generally correct a single vision whether it is distance focus, intermediate or near. The may be implanted symmetrically in both eyes or asymmetrically (monovision), the latter giving a range of vision with one eye used for distance and the other eye used for near. This can be undertaken successfully in patients who have had this previously either with their natural vision or with contact lenses.

  • Toric Lens Implants

    Toric lenses correct astigmatism which can be incorporated either into a single vision or multi focal contact lens. Your surgeon will advise as to suitability but often these lenses help to reduce further dependence on spectacles after the operation.

  • Multifocal Lens Implants

    We use a range of lenses including bifocal lenses from Oculentis, trifocal lenses from Zeiss and Symfony lenses from AMO. Each of these lenses have different characteristics of focal range, depth of vision and quality of vision and their suitability depends on your own circumstances, your eye examination, preference and surgeons advice. Each case is assessed individually and a joint decision made as to the choice of lens.

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