• “Excellent service and outcome. Now able to drive with confidence and generally more confidence in mobility especially stairs!”

    DP – June 2016

  • “Excellent treatment throughout and great result.”

    CB – April 2016

  • “Very pleased with all aspects of care at Windsor Eye Clinic.”

    CB – April 2016

  • “The quality of care and the information given has been excellent. I am so grateful to the whole team , but particularly Mr Kheterpal.”

    JD – April 2016

  • “It would be nice to think that everyone in the country received the excellent treatment that I have experienced. Thank you.”

    PS – April 2016

  • “Thank you so so much Mr Kheterpal and all your wonderful staff. I can’t thank you enough, you have brought the sunshine back into my life. Brilliant surgeon.”

    IC – February 2016

  • “Everything was wonderful.”

    PO – February 2016

  • “New eyes, no pain, fantastic, and all done by a lovely team.”

    RF – December 2015

  • “Amazing!”

    PT – October 2015

  • “Very pleased with the care and professionalism received”

    AM – September 2015


    RH – July 2015

  • “Nothing more to say! Excellent”

    AP – July 2015

  • “Excellent and superb service. I have every confidence in Mr Kheterpal and his staff. I would definitely recommend Mr Kheterpal to all my friends”

    PC – March 2015

  • “Friendly, helpful, professional service.”

    MP – March 2015

  • “Excellent treatment. I would recommend Mr kheterpal to my friends.”

    BF – March 2015

  • “The overall result exceeded my expectations… I am delighted with the outcome”

    PD – February 2015

  • “I have been so lucky to have such wonderful treatment.”

    PD & KD – February 2015

  • “The overall result exceeded my expectations. Through careful balancing of the strength of the lenses of both eyes, I am able to do most things without spectacles at all. I had anticipated needing glasses for reading. This is only necessary in poor lighting conditions. Hence I am delighted with the outcome.”

    CM – January 2015

  • “Everyone was very helpful and understanding.”

    MR – December 2014

  • “Excellent treatment from all staff at Windsor Eye Clinic and Spire”

    RF – December 2014

  • “I feel like I have been given the gift of sight which is amazing because I have been wearing glasses since I was two.”

    KD – December 2014

  • “Mr Kheterpal is not only skilful but also very kind and caring”

    JD – December 2014

  • “Excellent treatment from all staff …”

    RF – December 2014

  • “I was very impressed by both the consultation and treatment which was first class”

    CC – November 2014

  • “The complete process from initial consultation through surgery to final ophthalmic check was done in a very professional manner.”

    PB – November 2014

  • “Very pleased with the care I received at the hospital. My nurse [ ] was a star and the outcome is fantastic I can see!”

    MW – October 2014

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