What is clear lens exchange/CLE/Clarivu/Prelex?

This is the process of removing the natural lens of the eye and replacing with artificial lens implant. It is similar to a cataract operation, but with more precise lens calculations, use of precision premium lens implants and a more particular course of pre and post operative care.

What is the goal of having premium lens exchange surgery?

The goal is to try and reduce your dependence on spectacles or contact lenses. Although we try and minimise this, there is always a chance that glasses are required for distance, intermediate and close work afterwards. The majority of patients do very well and have less dependence on spectacles/glasses than per-operatively and our goal is to make sure that we understand your requirements and that you are aware of the likely outcome scenario.

What are the risks of lens exchange surgery?

These are similar to cataract surgery. As with any surgery, there are small risks of the surgical procedure itself which include a number of factors that can result in reduction of visual function including quality of vision and loss of best corrected vision. The risks of this are low but if they do occur, then this may not be correctable with glasses or contact lenses. There is change of undercorrection or overcorrection of the focal length prescription possibly requiring an enhancement procedure in the months after the operation. A very small number of individuals find it difficult to tolerate the lens implant and require this to be removed or changed. Some individuals require a procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy in the months after the operation to clear the natural membrane behind the lens implant which often becomes cloudy naturally after an operation.

What is the process?

A consultation with Mr. Kheterpal and the preoperative tests can take up to two hours. Following this, appropriate counseling is carried out to determine your suitability and preferences regarding any surgical procedure. Measurements are then used to calculate the appropriate lens and surgery day planned at one of our local hospitals or partner centers. The operation itself takes under 30 minutes and you are usually in the surgery centre for less than half a day.

Are there any activities I should avoid doing?

You should avoid rubbing your eyes, particularly at night for the first week after the operation. We advise two days of rest initially and up to one week of light exercise and then normal exercise can resume after one week. Heavy lifting and vigorous exercise after two weeks. Swimming is not recommended for four weeks. Mr. Kheterpal recommends avoiding short haul air travel for two weeks and long haul air travel for four weeks.

How is the procedure carried out?

The procedure can be carried out using a standard ultrasound technique (phacoemulsification) Mr. Kheterpal will determine suitability and work with you to operate with the best possible technology at the surgical centre that is convenient to you and likely to give you the best possible outcome.