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  • Cataracts


    Cataract surgery has undergone a revolution in recent years. Day case small incision surgery is the norm and recovery is rapid. The Windsor Eye Clinic provides cutting edge treatments combining lens extraction with choices in end refractive (spectacle prescription) results, simultaneous corneal astigmatism correction and the latest in multifocal lens implants. Using the latest in lens calculation equipment we aim to give not only excellent surgical care but also to give great visual results with a reduced spectacle prescription wherever possible. We now offer laser cataract surgery on the LensAR platform.

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  • Refractive


    Our diagnostic centre is fully equipped for the assesment of patients who wish to have laser or surgical correction for short sightedness or astigmatism. We are able to treat with Lasek, Lasik (including custom ablation with wavefront guided treatment), ICL, Clariuv and clear lens exchange (CLE).

    Pentacam HR scanning provides advanced state-of-the art corneal and anterior segment analysis for diagnosis of cornea, glaucoma and cataract conditions.



  • Glaucoma


    Our centres are fully equipped with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment for accurate glaucoma diagnosis including Humphrey II Visual Fields, HRT computerised optic disc analysis, corneal pachymetry (thickness) assisted pressure analysis and OCT optic disc laser scanning. For those at risk and for those with glaucoma we offer the most comprehensive assesment in the region.

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  • Retina

    Whether it is macular degeneration, diabetes or an unusual retinal finding by the optometrist, our surgeons’ expertise combined with investigations such as fluorescein angiography, ICG angiography, retinal laser OCT scanning or HRT scanning ensures prompt diagnosis and management. The Windsor Eye Clinic has its own outpatient and inpatient laser equipment for retinal laser including the latest photodynamic therapy and thermal diode lasers. Our surgeons are able to deal with complex retinal surgery cases such as macular hole, epiretinal membrane and retinal detachments.

    OCT2 and OCT Angiography bring the next generation of OCT technology for the benefit of patients of the Windsor Eye Clinic. Combining high rate 85,000 Hz and Advanced Eye Tracking technology we are able to achieve excellent image quality and improved acquisition speed. Highest resolution imaging along with enhanced angiographic analysis enables more detailed diagnostic capability and the potential for avoiding more invasive procedures such as fluorescein angiography.








  • Eyelid Plastic Surgery

    Eyelid Plastic Surgery

    For droopy eyelids, excess skin, watery eyes or eyelid lumps, our surgeons are able to give advice about the best course of action and, if surgery is required, can often undertake most procedures in the outpatient setting.

  • Paediatric Ophthalmology

    Paediatric Ophthalmology

    Our consultant and orthoptists can undertake vision screening, diagnosis and management of a wide range of childhood eye conditions including refractive errors and squints including surgical treatments.

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